Your smile and your memory simply eases me to sleep.


Favourite Bromance (part 1): Larry Stylinson


  • niall looks like he got pushed, or like he just bent his knees and hit the floor omg nialler
  • zayn looks like he is falling off a cliff (god forbid that oh my)
  • liam looks like a bomb exploded in front of him and i don’t even know how to describe his legs
  • louis looks like he got scared and was about to run but tripped like those girls in horror movies
  • and harry looks like he did a karate kick but just flailed down

How will I know if this time you’re staying or walking away. I forgave you for something you didn’t even realize happened. You hurt me and you did nothing about it. You continued on with your life and I was forever effected by this. I never told anyone about that time. Nobody knows. I never told anyone how I cried myself to sleep every night. How I stayed awake always wondering the same: why me? The reason I never told anyone is because I knew no one would care. That is the reason I’m like this now. Why I’m so guarded. I don’t trust anyone. I don’t tell people how I feel. I don’t share secrets. I don’t have a best friend. If someone as close as you, someone I thought truly cared for me, could hurt me with the blink of an eye, why wouldn’t anybody else do the same? I trust no one and so far it’s working just fine. Yes, it’s harder for me to get close to people but at least I’m positive I won’t get hurt. At least I won’t be left in the rain pitying myself for trusting you. Never again will that happen. Never. That’s the only thing this has helped me with. Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me see that everyone has the power to hurt you. 

What’s going to stop them?